Our History

Oldtimer Experience, reinvented

We are fascinated with oldtimer and youngtimer culture. Our founders are car enthusiasts who own a variety of these themselves and thus know the challenges and requirements of enthusiasts best. Over the years, we’ve indulged in our hobby and kept on dreaming of cars that never existed the way we imagined them. We gained a lot of experience and made many wonderful memories.

Other memories, we wish we could forget; such as long waiting times, horrendous costs and marginal quality. This is everyday life in the oldtimer world. Restorers who only have an eye for making fast money, are unfortunately the majority. That’s why we decided to turn our passion into a profession. We want to be a real alternative. Our services are available to enthusiasts without the long waiting times, great expense or stress.

A unique concept, for enthusiasts

In order to generate an unbeatable value statement, we have chosen to combine the best state-of-the-art technology from Germany with the agility and flexibility of Egyptian workers. We make the individual design of an oldtimer and newtimer affordable and enjoyable, without having to forgo quality.