Our Values

Customer orientation – exceeding expectations

As car enthusiasts and oldtimer and youngtimer owners we know the expectations of our customers exceedingly well. We know that we have to tackle the matter with passion and discipline, and we do.

But we also know that every classic car owner is unique and is looking for something special. Through the structured recording of customer requirements and their ambition level, we are able to meet these requirements and often exceed them. Our goal is to achieve customer loyalty through excellence.

In order to serve our customers optimally, we accept a limited number of cars. Therefore, we have a waiting list. When the time comes, we conduct detailed and documented discussions to plan the desired end result.

Transparency – keeping track

During the restoration of your car, you will always be well informed and up to date, thanks to state-of-the-art communication technology. You can contact your consultant at any time to discuss both the progress of the restoration and its details. You can also make changes, depending on the status of the car restoration.

In addition, Sky Motors will provide you with extensive documentation on all steps of the restoration, so that you can at any time understand what exactly has been done to your car and control both the technical effort put into your car, the cost as well as the results.

CSR – Give and take

Restoring a car to Sky Motors will not only help support young families in Egypt, but will also make a valuable contribution to the training of professionals and to technology transfer.
Sky Motors Egypt is working with the Egyptian Industrial Schools to support the training of young apprentices and is investing in the future of the country by holding regular seminars and lectures for the students.

The entire Sky Motors team is remunerated far beyond the usual market conditions in the country. Further advantages for employees are the safety measures and working conditions, that are in accordance with German standards, as well as private health, social and pension insurance.

Sustainability – honesty and foresight

We are different. It is correct that we aim for profitability in order to pay our employees and secure our existence in the long term. But, profit is not our top priority.

We ourselves have had painful experiences and we would like to spare our customers, employees, suppliers and all those who deal with us the pain. That’s what we mean by honesty and that’s what we do in fact.

As the founders of this company, we know that we will not outlive the company, so we want to leave a legacy that represents us well in the future. Given this background, we have strict requirements for dealing with our stakeholders and the environment. It is a matter of honour and self-respect for us.