The Ramses Chariot

It may be one of the earliest, but Ramses the Great’s chariot is beyond doubt one of the finest and rarest oldtimer vehicles in the world. With a lightweight design of the highest order, and perfect 2 HP motorization, it is worth every bit of its status. It combines the sophisticated artistry of filigree, and the robustness of build that granted it both beauty and resilience, not to mention its six-poke wheels that are very much suitable for modern-day sports cars. The pure foresight and clairvoyance that went into this vehicle’s design several thousand years ago, are eerily beautiful and unrivaled, raising not only many questions about craftsmanship, but one lingering question that visits and revisits: what would it be like to ride this vehicle; this chariot? Would one, if possible, feel like a king? And aren’t they?

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